Purchasing Info

Deposit info:


The deposit for each furbaby is $200.

I will not take a deposit on a puppy without first speaking to the new owner on the phone. I want to make sure you are 100% confident in getting one of my babies. All Deposits are non-refundable. In the event something is to happen to the baby you place a deposit on I can either send you your deposit back or you can place it on a baby from another available litter or upcoming liter.

How to put a deposit/ purchase a puppy?

 If you find a puppy you love please get in touch with me as soon as possible. Call, email, text. I will not hold a baby without a deposit. I will not accept a deposit without first speaking with the buyer on the phone to insure my babies are going to wonderful loving homes, and that you are 100% confident in putting your deposit. You are welcome to ask me as many questions as you would like, I also have a few questions for the potential owners of my furbabies aswell. 

Health Guarantee/ Medical Info:


Before leaving each and every one of my babies receives wormings at 2,4,6,8 weeks of age. They also receive 6 and 9 week vaccinations. If they are still here at 12 weeks they receive 12 week as well. Every baby is vet checked before leaving you will receive a copy of my paperwork from the vet, along with shot record when you pick up your puppy.

Each baby comes with a 1 year Health Guarantee that covers genetic life threatening disorders. (This does not cover hernia, hypoglycemia, parvo, internal parasites or any other common puppy illness they could pickup after leaving. We give you  the info needed to prevent these things.) For your Health Guarantee to remain intact you MUST carry your puppy to the vet within 2 Business  of picking up. Your puppy MUST recieve final vaccinations. If your vet finds a life threatening genetic disorder, you are to return the puppy within 24 hours, you will then be able to choose another baby from an upcoming litter. No refunds.

Forms of Payment:


For deposit we use Square Credit Card Processing we can send an invoice via email (5% processing fee applied), Paypal (friends and family ONLY), Cash app or Walmart to Walmart money transfer.

The remaining balance at time of pickup is to be paid CASH ONLY.

Picking up your baby:

Your new puppy is generally ready to leave for their forever home by the age of 9-10 weeks, we will let you know when this date is when deposit is placed. If for some reason beyond our control we have to hold a bit longer we will let you know this as soon as possible. Otherwise you will need to arrange a day and time for pickup between 9-10 weeks of age. 

For safety reasons we meet at the Limestone Sheriffs  Department. If delivering we will meet you at the nearest Sherriffs Department/ Police Station. 


 While we can ship our babies via Delta Airlines, we do not prefer this option. We prefer to if possible hand deliver our babies if they will need transporting. Shipping fees vary and this is something we will go over before you put a deposit, we will also set a time and date at that time. Shipping/delivery generally cost $450-$475.


 We do not give refunds, in the even that you find that you are unable to keep your fur baby. Please let us know we will do everything within our power to help you re-home your baby. If this is not possible, and you need someone to take your baby immediately we will take it back into our home we do NOT want our babies to end up in shelters for ANY reason. 

 For any other questions please feel free to call/text me at 256-278-0041